17 Min Strength Training Workout for Beginners – Beginner Workout Routine at Home for Women & Men

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29 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this video.

  2. Rosa Caneda says:

    Whats a great workout to do right after this??? I'm trying to get back in shape after a year of working out on and off…. I feel like I can do more… any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)

  3. dad lad says:

    i did it with 10kilos whooooha

  4. Minhtu N says:

    thank you so much for a great video and encouragement during th workout! Just found your channel and LOVE it!!

  5. Makela Mims says:

    Hi Claudia how heavy are your weights?

  6. jegs02 says:

    what would guys recommend after this as the next step … a step up in all-round strength workout? Love the programme btw

  7. Hawre Tarq says:

    Pls add more strength workout, its little compare to cardio workout

  8. Great beginner's video. Very impressed!!

  9. connor 1 says:

    how long should i do this for and what should i do after that? i mean i am just starting so i will start with this workout but when do i find another one ect, thanks

  10. FANFAN_ME says:

    I really like how your videos show the side angle of how your posture is supposed to be. A lot of work out videos lack that and I'm always afraid I'm working out with a bad posture.

  11. Enjoyed it, not too difficult. The right combination of tiring and invigorating! Love it, will try it again!! 10/10!

  12. Kim Alojado says:

    How heavy are her dumbells? ???? Thanks!

  13. First time trying this! Thanks for such a good beginner workout!

  14. Airy Ellis says:

    This is exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you so much! like I said before, it's only been HASfit on my playlist for years, and never have I found better workouts online. Now I have more tools to impress my rugby coach offline 😛

    And I just have to say, you guys are so cute together!!!

  15. BTS ARMY says:

    i want to lose the flab on my arms and i heard you need strength training to do that, but I'm also scared that eventually my arms will get thick or bulky, will this just slim them down and tone them like I want?

  16. CutePets says:

    Just a tip, her mic seems to be louder than the mans :)

  17. Im Ryzh says:

    How often should i be doing these workouts when i'm a beginner? And how long does it take before i start gaining muscles?

  18. suzzable says:

    I love this workout.. As a beginner, this became a favourite in my daily workout

  19. Rj Yuggy says:

    I can still feel the burn on my legs after a few hours doing this workout. Great workout.

  20. Airy Ellis says:

    adding this to my playlist! hasfit has been on it for years! best workouts online, hands down!!! thank you coach k!!!! cheers from Israel! <3

  21. Anne Harwood says:

    Just tried this one this morning, and it's really good! I've been doing the 15 minute beginner dumbbell workout for awhile now, and wanted to try something new. On the dumbbell one I started with 5 lbs and am now at 12. I decided to start this one with 5 lbs until I was familiar with the exercises. Well, it was still a challenge! I combine the weight exercises with your two stretching routines, as well. Great workouts!

  22. Raymond Dez says:

    increase the weights and its can intermediate/advanced workout

  23. Absolutely love it! Thank you both for your workout routines to help me get into better shape. This is week 5 on hasfit for me!

  24. Stella Penn says:

    I talk about you guys all the time to my partner. I'm trying to get him back on his fitness grind. It's hasn't been fun. He's watched a few of your workouts as I do them and he admits you guys are very motivating (he says, He's good!) Hoping for the best in due time.


    Love your workouts! Thank you!

  25. Frost 550 says:

    Ez workout , Ez pizza , Ez life

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