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21 Responses

  1. youre so gorgeous ! how long did it take you to grow your glutes! ivee been working so hard and i havent seen extreme changes its been 5 months

  2. True North says:

    good video other than the fact that she has no idea which exercise is which. "romanian lunge"? or "reverse hyperextension" when it really was a GH raise. Also plie squat??? easy to tell a rookie when you see one. my bet is she worked out for a year and decided to become an online trainer. 1.5 years tops

  3. Blanka2471 says:

    she forgot the one that actually gives you results… weighed hip thrusts/glute bridge. If you actually want to isolate glutes than this is the one that makes it "pop." Squats/lunges will hit that a little, but glute bridges isolate well… YOUR GLUTES.

  4. Thank you so much for this amazing!! Amazing! video!

  5. I will pick five workouts and do them for four weeks!..Thank you for sharing

  6. Supergirl says:

    Hey I have a question, Can we build a butt at home just as good at the gym with all the equipment. Provided we have all the weights nd resistance bands etc at home

  7. Mpasi M says:

    Wow looking great! How long did it take to reach these results?

  8. Nikki Flex says:

    I remember when white girls loved their flat asses

  9. Asya Musina says:

    You are just amazing!

  10. Ler Lor says:

    How would i gain the protein for my butt?

  11. just subbed a short time ago. Love these tips. I do most of my workouts in my base mentioned which is a small gym!
    Particularly liked your video on which machines to avoid while showing substitutes I can do in my home gym.
    BTW, damage those boxes jumps were no joke I use 4 risers and have a hard time on my final few reps!

  12. Great video! I have a friend whose working on her butty. this video will help a lot.Better then me explaining everything on the phone. lol

  13. I want that arms, I love the strong arms, I love you so much, thank you for be a natural bodybuilder, I love you! before you, I did believe I can not have a body like the yours, now I am so happy.

  14. fsdfdsf DDSD says:

    THX nice reference for my strenthen workout of barbell squat

  15. The exercise you called Romanian squats is actually called BULGARIAN squats!

  16. Can't really tell with those purple pants would you mind showing a couple g-string pictures of your cute ass?

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