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19 Responses

  1. the base dropped harder then my balls after watching this video

  2. Jan G. says:

    My respect to every men in these gyms whom could still keep their fu…focus…their focus.

  3. Master Black says:

    who was the second girl

  4. Best of motivation video !

  5. FRG says:

    im so motivated to fuck after watching that video

  6. Bobby Corgi says:

    Oh my gosh, you are so great !

  7. This motivational workout crap featuring girls with silicone implants on buttocks and tits is as pointless as brains in a blonde.

  8. redouanjaik says:

    fkg gay ass skinny lil fagg overused music.

  9. oh my lanta!! she is amazing! how do you have that much energy to do all that!

  10. La mia ragazza è più bella ! questa ha la pancetta

  11. Roxy Kinder says:

    How do you workout like a beast and still have big boobs??

  12. Ļoti labi !!! 😉

  13. except the hideous blue suit 6:37, the video is dope.

  14. Manu Rightz says:


  15. Merlyannrose says:

    i just need their type of stamina. love this

  16. This is a good fuckin edit

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