Standing AB Workout 2015!

No more floor abs. You can get a great ab workout standing! You will need a light dumbbell for this workout.
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30 Responses

  1. kollegs101 says:

    She is beautifullllllll

  2. Susan Luby says:

    Negative comments? Silly. She is what thick actually is and not what many would like it to be, and beautifully so! Those are lovely curves. Toned yet soft in all the right places. You can tell she's fit. Very healthy and pretty hip to waist ratio, healthy bust and healthy limbs. thin to thick femininity and curves rule, always and forever. Plus thanks for the good standing ab workout today, when I'm home bound until 9:00, but still rushed to get in a good workout. Out side in the humid 80 something weather, Zen Dude fitness X3, short free weights video for resistance then this makes it a done deal for the rush job today:D The same stuff repeatedly sucks, but it gets the job done at home.

  3. Buffue US the body skayer and these are WARRIOR moves..thankyou Ms. Buffie the Buffed

  4. Bobbie Hanna says:

    keep up the good work enjoy the video

  5. Tracy Berry says:

    Quick question. Are the weights necessary? I'm working out outside, and don't have access to the weights. Thanks😊

  6. Ms. Elston says:

    This is one of my favorite daily workourlts. Thank you!!! Love your work!

  7. Jordan G says:

    You have a very great body. Keep up the good work

  8. These excerises are amazing 😊 my goal to get a body like that. She is fit go girl

  9. John Henry says:

    it was a good workout. the only thing is. I feel that you should instruct your viewers into your next workout. Because by time there finish with there first workout, your half way into the next workout, when there trying to figure out how to do that one and if there even doing it right.

  10. traci watley says:

    Being totally honest it took me about a minute to stop watching her booty move…wondering (hoping praying lol) if that is what my booty looks like when I work out at the gym…please Lord, say yes. Love Buffy's videos. I am not trying to "grow" my glutes like so many of the [White] girls videos. I have nothing against the ladies I follow, they are great and I love their techniques for doing so but they aren't right for me. As a woman with a naturally large booty and legs my workouts have to be focused towards toning, shaping, firming and strengthening NOT GROWTH. Buffys body is pretty common amongst Black women, unfortunately fitness in our community is not so much. THANKS LADY! I appreciate you!

  11. Aanu O says:

    Yes, Black Queen! Get it! πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  12. gagaa gaga says:


  13. Yasssss I absolutely love this video…..What an amazing body this woman has #goals! I am doing this every night b4 bed! Thanks beaitiful!

  14. Moppadee says:

    My bbw sis we are from the Khoisan's of South Africa.

  15. y'all add the tmgirlzz 😚😚 on YouTube

  16. im going to. the army soon and this has gotten. my body in better shape than any work outs ive tried

  17. Hathar Re says:

    Beautiful and toned African Goddess, a True Definition of Beauty. These workouts are inspiring and working well for me, awesome way to go girlπŸ’—

  18. I enjoyed this video and you are truly inspiring me to get off my couch. Keep up the great job, and I am glad to finally find a black workout video also. I'm built like this young lady, not those thin white women. Thank you for this and all your other videos; follower for Life.

  19. Ms. Elston says:

    my fav video thus far. thank you!!! God bless you and continue to bless us

  20. please can you sleep with the belly belt for fast flat tummy

  21. Shehnaz Kh says:

    O m g πŸ™ŠπŸ€’πŸ€’πŸ€’πŸ€’πŸ€’πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–

  22. mimi4sure says:


  23. Taylor Crown says:

    Super Good Exercises and damn great execution!!!!!

  24. Lisa lisa says:

    she is amazing,im a Mexican with no ass,i would kill to have half of hers,she is beautiful and looks crazy good..She works hard..i wish I had half your energy…very inspirational too me..keepthe bad comments to yourself.

  25. MsTLuv says:

    Amazing! This is the best standing ab workout I've seen!!! Def about to put this in the works.

  26. gonemurphin says:

    Great workout and love the music. Who is the artist?

  27. Keep up the great work SISTAH. Women are dying trying to cosmetically add some junk to their trunk that we have naturally. Haters gon hate, shrug it off and laugh I do. They tuned in to see how it's done, right. I love my bubble butt.

  28. Todd Kelley says:

    Put that work in girl!!! Good job!

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