10 MIN LOWER BODY WORKOUT || Tone Up Your Glutes, Legs & Thighs – Best No Equipment Home Workout

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The best lower body workout you can do at home! Want glutes? Want toned legs? Want to be GOALS?! This no equipment at home workout has you covered 100%! You’ll be doing squats, lunges, reverse lunges, squat holds, jump squats, you will do it ALL and feel like a WINNER at the end (because that’s what you are). Love ya!

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49 Responses

  1. phycany GMD says:

    I like the fact that your workouts are totally different from other people's workouts

  2. trisha owino says:

    Good workout, BUT I was dying half wway i felt like my legs were coiBmg off

  3. Hi please I have diastasis recti can you recommend this exercise for Me??

  4. I love this video and your challenge and thank you for inspiring me. 😍😍😍😍😍😍🙂😘

  5. ami eta daily korle koto dine roga hobo plz tell me quekly

  6. You're so great and inspirational! How many times a week do you recommend to this exercise?

  7. Leanzism says:

    Lol girl I love how you're just smiling the whole time. I do these workouts everyday and I have a totally different face on !!! These workouts really work too. I got the cake now lmaoooo

  8. hi koboko,im from indonesia.i love watching ur videos n working out with u so much.the first thing i do before my exercise is i always make sure,the battery in my phone is full.so i can workout with u.loving ur video so much.💗💗💗u make exercise so easy to me.ur videos so useful.

  9. Littl Malard says:

    I'm nearly 12 and i don't actually get how you squat is it supposed to stretch and hurt i don't know if I'm doing it right

  10. Lexy Campos says:

    She Does it with a smile!! 😁amazing

  11. Am I The Only One That Realizes That The Picture On The Video Is Photoshoped😬 Look Closely At The 2nd Body Pic

  12. Really loved this workout 😍😍

  13. Wow..i love this video..

  14. saam pannu says:

    And wat should I have t drink after doing it

  15. saam pannu says:

    I like u 👌👌I will do start it from today for make bigger legs… wat u say will this exercise help me? Pls

  16. Divya Barman says:

    Ooww…..i really feel very active after doing this….. Ur all videos are very usefull…… 😊😍😘😘😘😘

  17. Imani Henry says:

    will this video help get a bugger butt too??

  18. Angel Loveli says:

    Anybody else watching this while eating chocolate muffins?…just me?..

  19. My butt got bigger and my crush he likes me and I like him and he slapped my butt

  20. Sandeep rai says:

    Plz tell me exercise for reduce breast size…? It'll help me alot …

  21. Just i love you..nd ur video..😘😘😘

  22. The thumbnail is so fake omg

  23. Did u do Muscle stretching exercises and is it important??? Love u sooo much❤️

  24. This is gr8. I'm new on ur channel, I loved this workout :)!!

    God bless u, kisses n hugs from Queretaro, Mexico :)

  25. Sarah Chavez says:

    Your beautiful and have my dream body I subscribed to your channel.

  26. Sarah Chavez says:

    Can I ever have a nice lower body if I am unable to do Squats and Lunges?

  27. linnear04 says:

    Great Video! I'm inspired :)

  28. TD Lindsay says:

    Am I the only one who is watching that video while laying on the sofa?😂

  29. Anne Geerts says:

    Love it! Thank you for sharing this video :)

  30. Her saying "you got this " is so inspirational

  31. Where are your leggings from

  32. Mj's Vision says:

    Hehe I love your smile!

  33. Hamdi Aden says:

    This is great!!! U just got a new sub;)

  34. Had to follow bc of her pep talks haha

  35. Batman Luver says:

    In the thumbnail u shoved ur stomach to ur butt

  36. Jayare says:

    I wish you had a small intro or warm up so we had time to get ready before jumping in

  37. Amanda Ramos says:

    youre so dope and confident. i love it


  39. indhu mathy says:

    Which time I work out morning or evening….

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