Intense upper Body Workout For Women With Weights-Focus on Tricep 27-min

Best tricep/upper body workout on YouTube! Slim down and sculpt beautiful, sexy arms, back, chest and shoulder with this triceps focus. Arm fat banishing routine! Your triceps will be screaming for days. Your arms and shoulders will be looking their best ever as you rock all your tops with confidence! Compound exercises to work multiple joints and muscles. By adding plyometrics to the mix you get to show off results of your hard work sooner! This routine comes with a light warm up and a cool down.

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Slim down and sculpt beautiful, sexy arms with this fat banishing routine! Your arms and shoulders will be looking their best ever as you rock all your tops with confidence!

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14 Responses

  1. This workout has toned my arms perfectly. Previously I had tried many others but none of them worked. All of phong's workouts are great!

  2. Sylwia Kuc says:

    <3 ! love your workout as always <3 Today I also done advanced tabata with my favourite Julia Bognar and I'm so exhausted and happy <3

  3. Ioved the video! It would have been helpful to include a list of the different workouts shown in the video with the number of repetitions πŸ’ͺ🏼😁. Doing this for my workout!

  4. Jessica K says:

    Ok workout that just kills your triceps

  5. I bet she got all itchy from being on the lawn…nice workout though

  6. Wh0a105 says:

    this should be called a tricep workout!! not an upper body workout… the title is misleading

  7. Candace Dawn says:

    Good burn in the arms & it made me sweat. I also like when Tatiana is in the videos.

  8. I love that you add the amount of calories burned in the title!!

  9. Cat Yoon says:

    I made a channel just to comment and say, I love Phong! Videos with him are your best, Gymra.

  10. Awesome workout. expert advice and motivation. He really knows his stuff and is passionate.

  11. Silvia Akiva says:

    Love this arm video! soon I will see the result. Thank you so much!!!!

  12. purediva81 says:

    Oh yeah, doing this!! Phong, you're good πŸ‘Œ.

  13. purediva81 says:

    How was Russia Tatiana?

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