Complete Arm Workout for men and woman | Eat Right Fit Right

Complete Arm Workout for men and woman | Eat Right Fit Right
In this video we are focusing on toning the arms and giving it a nice workout. This workout exercises is so very great for your arms in shaping and toning it. We start of with “Forward Criss-Crosses” and on to the next exercise “Arm Lifts” by making our forearms straight in front of us and pulling our elbows back as far as we can with our hands by our shoulders. Moving on to our “Bent Arms Crosses”. Pulling our arms back as far as we can again trying to let those elbows touch in the back and swinging our arms straight forward with one big cross in front of our chest. Our following exercise is “Small Arm Circles Forward”. And for the last exercise “Small Arm Pulses” where our arms will be straight on the sides of our shoulders making small arm pulses upwards.

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