Shredded Ninja – Fat Loss Workout Plan

Shredded Ninja – Fat Loss Workout Plan:

What is the Shredded Ninja Fat Loss Workout Plan?

-12 Week Jump Rope and Bodyweight Workout Plan Dedicated to Fat -Loss
-5 Fat Loss Workouts/Week
+1 Active Recovery Day
(Bonus #1) 12 Extra Weeks of Jump Rope Workouts (offer ends 9/26)

12 weeks of workouts. 30 minutes. No gym required.

Shredded Ninja accountability group dedicated to fat loss.

100+ exercise demos, jump rope & injury prevention tutorials.

Get it now:

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19 Responses

  1. g96 says:

    Any workout plan for gaining muscle and losing fat simultaneously?

  2. I'm from Colombia. Could I get it? Paying of course. :)

  3. Great video guys. Ive been doing your training program for a month and its very effective. You guys inspire. Thanks.

  4. Hi Bros, I got the Program! Now I'm waiting for the cross rope I've ordered few weeks ago… taking much longer to get here in Europe. I'm down to get shredded Zendudes

  5. Sheena says:

    Do we get a hardcopy or is it all online?

  6. Dhanya Hegde says:

    Guys which shoes do u use

  7. Frootmyloops says:

    I have anterior pelvic tilt and im a lil lil fat. I wanna jump rope but not sure if constant jumping would make my apt worse or I can start to jump rope

  8. OK but what do we need to enter this journey… I mean do we need a specific weights or jump rope only

  9. Ajax X says:

    I just started your 4 week program and it's awesome i look forward to it it i am 12 and over weight i really hope to loose weight u guys r changing my life

  10. Im gonna look good lemme tell ya

  11. Hey guys, what is the difference between this new course and the getting lean one???🙂

  12. Jake Cyrus says:

    What happened to your APP??

  13. What are each of yours stats?

  14. Brandon, did you cut your hair? You look good!

  15. Do we need to have the weighted rope?

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