BEAST in the Beauty – Cassandra Martin | Muscle Madness

Cassandra Martin Training Part 1



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Song: Dread Pitt – Pyro [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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ÉWN – Feels [NCS Release]


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46 Responses

  1. 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

  2. I don't like musclly bitches but this chick is fkn hot

  3. Blurr aV says:

    I think every single one of her lifts other than deadlift is stronger than mine lmao

  4. Ranjeet Rai says:

    ham ko v bodi bana na hii

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  6. Dy. Director says:

    best Exerice
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  7. john farrell says:

    I think I'm in love!

  8. Esmira Talon says:

    Im not gay…but I would def scissor with her…

  9. Rahul Kumar says:

    awsm. look. wooowww nice. body. love u

  10. Rahul Kumar says:

    awsm. look. wooowww nice. body. love u

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  12. Sara Tajik says:


  13. Anaya Owens says:

    Soon Ima be looking like dat ❤️

  14. All leggings sponsored by " Gymshark" xD
    Ur welcome :"D

  15. I wish far more many girls would work on their body. Not like getting some fitness addicted, but just the kind to get some shape and firmness. Just some jogging and stepper won't do it to get some firm glutes, arms and legs. Mostly they don't get that they must do some weightlifting for that. It is so pathetic; always afraid becoming a hulk. What the hell! Get some education!

  16. Azuka Luna says:

    she is strong than me but i'm more beautiful than her

  17. kerldude says:

    Did anyone notice a "kiss in gym" @ 3 : 12 ?

  18. The Truth says:

    Yes! More music that really sucks! Just what we all wanted! NOT!!!!!!!

  19. Loki Maniak says:

    Bad mouvements and ego lifting but still great !

  20. Excuse my awkward boner

  21. Shiv Kumar says:

    Wooooooooooooo great…….

  22. Kay Loading says:

    What are the song names

  23. Hrishi Alda says:

    I hope my wife works out

  24. Cenezo Smile says:

    This is gross women shouldnt be doing this, they belong in the kitchen, okey? Men belong in the gym and having sex, women must obey the rules, stay in the kitchen make me a sandwitch. :) 😉


  25. Jirui Wan says:

    her physique seems attainable, but her strength is way 2 abnormal for a woman. Even men bodybuilders with same weight won't go beyond her too much

  26. IVT Ninja says:

    Another video added to my collection whilst I'm in the gym working out.

  27. esse tipo de mulher curto muito top de mais as muscolosas👆😆↖↔↗

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